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Thursday, July 13, 2017

An Irish U26 attempts 3NT and gets doubled..

/Earlier this week I mentioned the minus 2200 I suffered and the whispering death across the table quietly mouthing DONKEY.. Well today I log in to check on the broken Irish U26 squad.
I knew they were playing the Netherlands and I knew a good trimming was coming ..

However on board 13 shown above .. the Irish North South figured 3NT was going to be a good contract so they bid it. Meanwhile the Dutch E/W were also figuring 3NT was a good place to play so they doubled it.

 2 East West pairs did attempt 3NT but only managed 8 tricks ...

Our brave Irish lad made THREE ......

Em tricks for MINUS 1700...

Now there could be an explanation ....maybe it was state of the match ...after all they were 40 imps behind at this stage maybe trying for a swing ..

One time in Irish Camrose Trials back in 2005 ..playing against the exempted team .. the heavies ...too good to play in the qualifiers .... My solid partner opened 1H and I held like a 2H response with 3 card hearts and 7 points ...
The exempted opposition regarded us disdainfully and bid 3NT ..which I chose to double..given my partner never opened with less than 13 hcp. and I had 7.
The more adjusted opponent tried to extract themselves into a 4 minor contract with his 55 via a redouble  but the partner was all out for blood attended by his two kibitzers Mary Finn and one Fionnula who sometimes plays with the incredible BJ O'Brien.
The opponent managed to make THREE .....em TRICKS that was 3400 ...6 off redoubled ..

I let them off the redouble to save embarrassment and breaking of the scoring system.
Reality is I forgot so only entered 1700 on the sheet ...was minus 170 in 2H+2 in the other room.

So 3400 or 1700 or 2200 need to be in the IN column ..

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Irish U26 strike back eventually

Having watched the 20th place Estonia dominate Ireland U26 this morning I departed my computer as they got ready to tackle Greece ..another 20th place team. Unfortunately Ireland got dominated again by this seemingly equal opponent. 18.5 VPs to 1.5 VPs.

So Ireland moved on to face a tougher team TURKEY.

Ireland got out to a 44 imp lead on first 10 boards.

Board 1 was 5DX which is cold versus 1NT making 9 .... 9 imps
Board 2 .. Turkey were a trick short in 6S v 4S both making 11 .. 12 imps
Board 4 .. Turkey declared 2NT on a 28 count holding while Ireland made the 4H game ..

So taking a tennis analogy looks like 3 severe unforced errors

Then board 8 sees the Turks tackle Irelands 4-3 fit 2S 16 count partscore and only get it
one off ... Ireland did have a 9 card Club fit they could have tried but guess they got tipped off
in the bidding that Clubs were breaking badly.
Ireland make the 24 count 4H contract that many other tables seem to be getting home in.
However it is no gimmee. Although I guess there are only 3 trump losers on a good view.

So after 10 boards its Ireland 44 Turkey 8 and not much bad weather approaching

Lets go back live and see how last 4 boards go

Board 11 and 13 were flat

Board 12 saw Ireland lose 6 imps for gaining 200 for 2 off ...and losing the 4H game of 420.
One would think doubling 4C might be a good option if you are not chancing 4H.
Its plus 2 imps instead of 6 out ....8 imps swing

The final board is 14 ... one presumes Ireland will take this match with a victory

Danger lurks here might bid a slam and go down on a weak club play.

17 VPs to 3 at the moment but various good and bad possibilities on board 14

1. Miss game
2. Bid slam
3. Make slam
4. Go down in slam

And we wait ....quick check on vugraph is hardly on there

The long wait is over ...They probably forgot to enter score in bridgemate ..
No swing ...

17 VPS for IRELAND under 26 ... Glad I could bring good news ..

As before and go to Microsite for all information and results 

Watching the European Youth Teams hurts

This morning I was up early to put out the bins as its not good to miss the bins. So I put out 2 bins full of rubbish. So I was happy that was the end of the rubbish.

Decided to play Wbridge5 16 hands daily FREE tourney while waiting for Junior Bridge to start.
I play this somedays with the target of finishing ahead of the best player in Malahide. Most days I finish ahead but I always want to put 10% on him ...just so he knows ..

Today I managed about 9% win ...

Then the bridge started .. playing 20th and 21st today the lad says

Well the 20th place team is currently leading Ireland U26 by 70 imps after 8 boards ..
That's like when I used to come up against Pat Walshe Rory Boland  Adam Mesbur and Nick Fitzgibbon all on same team in Regent Leagues. Maybe Nick was not playing that night ..It might have been Hanlon. Galligan Delaney Karel Anna got chewed up and spat out.

But this is our Great New Bridge hopes getting chewed up by Estonia ..

Board 2 was a 20 count facing a 6 count and our lads play in 3H+1 ..
They only have a 4-3 fit so 3NT is normal

Board 3 is a 3NT where there seems to be no play except wide open .. 3-3 diamonds and a heart finesse plus 3-3 break giving 4 Hearts 4 diamonds and spade ace ...There is no other line but our lad
finds a DOWN 2 line ..

Board 4 . 16 hcp opposite 10 hcp ... our lad is the only outlier .. the only lad to declare 1NT
The other 25 tables all declare 3NT ... as do all the grandpas and grandmas in bridge clubs across the country.... that's any bridge club ...even the one in the far west of Galway ..that always wins the Simultaneous Pairs ..

Board 5 .. and its not getting any better .. our lads choose to defend 2DX despite having a 4-4 spade fit ...4S is no gimmee so would forgive declaring a spade part score ...but minus 180 in 2D is not going to please teamies .. At least it did not cost much as Teamies lost 620 in 4S.

Board 6 ... if left alone North South might do the transfer to clubs and superaccept into 3NT but that's hardly going to be left alone as East West have a large diamond fit so will be competing in diamonds or might even find a 4-4 heart fit for some part score
Our lads paid out on 3NT in one room and 5 clubs probably a sac in the other room

6 boards gone and the score is 55-1 and growing ...this Irish team are broken ..

Board 7 .. brings some peace and fresh air ...we only lose 3 imps for down in 3NT in both rooms.

Board 8 .. Minus 760 ... and the opps have a 5-5 spade fit ... 1NT redoubled ...the excitement continues ... "We are playing the 20th place team resounds in my brain ..

Board 9 .. and Estonis are not finished yet .. .they have no choice but to smack 5 clubs
and when the fire is put out ...that's minus 800 ....83-1 after 9 ...

Board 10 brings a double part score swing .. some other tables even bid game in spades ...
It kind of makes on good lies in the cards .. lose 7 more imps .. so score is 90-1

Board 11 our lads begin the comeback ... 4 imps in the bag ... 5 plays 90 ..

Board 12 ... our lads make 3NT in Open Room ... Maybe the Estonians will go in 6 or 7 clubs going down ...We will see ... This match is still in play at board 12 ....

We will have a quick look at our other 2 teams ...

The Under 21s are battling in a 17 team event and its not going well. However this is a much less experienced squad than the aforementioned Under 26 squad. The U21s are here for experience.
The U26 had reasonable hopes of making the top half. However we need to be very aware that European U26s is a high level of bridge.. much higher than Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer.

Our 3rd team are the Under 16s and again its an experience thing here too.
Ireland and Scotland are the whipping boys or "girls" in our case here.
We got our victory against Scotland ...and a 28-39 loss to the Netherlands could almost be counted as a win as Netherlands never send out bad teams in any bridge event.

So congratulations to all Irish participants as these are tough events to go to and find out some more work is required to even be competitive.
Its like Cavan GAA team going out last Saturday against Tipperary ... Half Time arrives and Cavan lads are leading 0-12 to 0-6 ... and Northern Sound commentators are gushing in their praise of these great Cavan lads .. Some lad making his debut called Caoimhin O'Reilly is getting great praise ... he scored 2 points I think is the first half ....Nobody noted the Tipperary lad hitting the crossbar just before half time... Those Cavan lads must have gone in the dressing room and listened to Northern Sound. I brought the dog for a walk as I counted my winnings ...
Came back with 7 minutes left to find ....Tipperary 2-13 ... Cavan 0-13 ... These great players had managed to score 1 point in 30 minutes of play ... while Tipperary banged in 2-7 ...
Meanwhile Northern Sound commentators were long gone ...they were over commentating on Monaghan putting 3-23 past Wexford ...

The Cavan lads thought it was over at half time ... Someone forgot to tell the opponents ..
Once you start going backwards ..things speed up ..

So with trepidation one will return to the Estonian Ireland U26 bridge match

Yes the 6 clubs forcast came through ...and Ireland banged in 28 imps to finish on a high.
However the damage was done earlier ...and the result remained 20-0 loss.
90 imps plays 29 ... I think one starts getting points at around 55 imps or lower.

The Irish Under 26 did well to gain some traction in the last few boards.
28 imps is a nice collection but no use in this match except to recover some confidence.

So its Greece next for our recovering heroes ...
All information and boards and results can be found at the above link by going to the Microsite.
Play of several matches can be watched live on Bridge Base Online ..
One is unlikely to see any Irish teams as normally they show leading teams playing other
leading teams ..

Friday, June 30, 2017

Bridge Now ratings up to June 28th... Michael the Gardener places 8th

I did not publish the loast few weeks of Bridge Now ratings as the weekly scores were late coming out. Here are the ratings up to June 28th. I calculated all weeks despite not publishing and anyone is welcome to see the whole file or their own rating.
There are now 1768 players in the list and about 750 of those play each week.

Seems to be a problem with uploading my picture of the ratings ..Will put a better picture

jim me  2292 Patricia A Kelly  1973 John Sawyer for Congress  1891 Courtois Joseph  1834
Karl Cashen  2204 Henry David  1968 michel doyon  1880 Smudge  1831
WBridge5 (Robot)  2130 gilles lacroix  1968 Kailash Gupta  1872 marcello martemucci  1827
pietro serioi 2112 Pierre DELVAULX  1959 Michael Beirne  1871 Paul Hutt  1825
dr. Eddie  2101 Jens Wamsler  1958 bgb37  1870 Mircea Kivu  1824
Marek.C  2094 Noëlle Delahaye-Levesque  1953 Laurence Berchem  1865 yi tat poon  1819
B.J. O'Brien  2090 Allan McDonald  1947 birdy18  1864 MC51  1819
Eamon Galligan  2088 миша ройтман  1936 lederic15  1864 Mieke Kyle  1818
Kerostia 2086 Jeannie Fitzgerald  1936 Caesar  1863 Stephen Kemper  1818
Igor Milevoj  2062 MargyJoy  1936 maxim68  1863 Bill Rasnick  1814
Patrick 27  2053 Jinn  1936 michael carter  1863 michel tourville  1814
Stanley Lin  2051 Yves Costel  1935 Lynn High  1861 pinco pallino  1813
John Horn  2034 George Kissov  1926 Jacques Bakker  1861 Bernard CARPENTIER  1812
zozo  2000 GrantK  1924 Baile an Mhota  1859 steven howard  1810
Terry  1996 Tamara de Grady  1918 Maurice Amar  1854 Catherine Erghman  1809
Paul Johnson 1994 tom gilligan  1905 Sefa Yüksel  1845 impossible d avancer bridge now  1809
Jim Wills  1987 Aldo Real  1899 David Welsh  1845 gerard clergeau  1807
Jan Stavast  1980 Igor Bek  1899 TEABAG1  1840 Art Vandalay  1805
pat cassidy  1978 GUIVARCH Jean François  1898 conor foley  1840 Utile 44  1801
Max de Beer 1974 Paule Amar  1896 UTILE 06  1836 André Van Pelt  1797

Declan the Donplayer and Shane the Unblocker are still battling away but are a long way from getting on the published list. 

This months Bridge World July 2017 arrived today. Some article about folk who fail to display negative inferences that may not be clear to their opponents. 

Also the English Bridge Union website has buckets of bridge stuff to help people do anything related to Bridge...... Teaching Learning Directing and all the other many things ..

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Shane the Unblockers revelation and Declan Donplayer "I love this game"

Last Friday night I ran into Shane Maxwell a guy I taught bridge in 15 minutes one night.
Shane is an acquaintance of Declan the Donplayer. Some day they might even partner up.
Anyway back then when I taught Shane the bridge in 15 minutes some might say I exaggerate.

However it is true. Back then Shane knew everything about everything so there was nothing one could teach him. He already knew from other card games what a trick was. He also knew which side of the card was the good bit , meaning the side with the coloured symbols or faces on it. So 15 minutes later Shane played his first hand of bridge. Defending against 6NT accidently or on purpose Shane after leading Spade 10 from KQJT ... (we experienced players lead KING) ..Shane on his first hand figured TEN knocks out ACE and later I get KQJ for down some.
However the play proceeded and robot cashed many tricks and evertually I start to doubt if Shane will be a bridge player as he pitches JACK QUEEN and finally KING of SPADES ..
Finally I notice 6NT has gone down 1 as SHANES robot partner had won trick 12 with SPADE 9 and cashed a winner. Now 4 years later after playing the odd hand of bridge on his phone from time to time Shane has returned with a vengeance and now being a 26 year old ADULT who earns money every week as an electrician and who now does not know everything about everything and recently has played up to 70 hands per week on .

So recently the odd email has arrived from Shane listing some of his 90% and 100% scores on and pointing out Eamongall placed below him on certain boards.

So we had a conversation about bridge in pieces spread over 2.5 hours in the pub. It might have been an hour in total as Shane talks to other folk about other subjects. Remember he used to know everything about everything.
So late in the night he asked about the YOU HOLD app I had mentioned earlier in the week.
So I took out my phone and we bid a few hands and I suddenly started to realise that something was wrong with Shanes understanding of bridge.

I would have told him back at the start in that one lesson probably something about bidding 3NT to get a bonus and neglected to tell him about 4H 4S 5C 5D also for game bonuses.

Shane had taken note of the fact that if you had about 25-26 points or so that you should bid game to get a bonus.

However as Shane knew everything about everything I never got to point out about the 4H 4S 5C 5D games and stuff around this game bonus.

So the intrepid Shane was playing away thinking 3C 3D 3H 3S and 3NT all produced the game bonus as long as he had about 25 or so high card points ...

"Eamon dunce you never told me .. This is a game changer for me "

I alluded to the fact that Shane knew everything about everything back then so I probably saw no need to tell me about the 4H 4S stc ... So we will see how Shane goes from now on at the bridge.

Now Declan the Donplayer on the other hand had the sense to go on google and find out about Game Bonuses or else he noted that he was getting 170 when the 4H chaps were getting 620 and did something about it.. Not our Shane .. Our Shane rolled along thinking the computer was short changing him.

And he thinks I am the dunce for not telling him ..

Moral of rhe story is .. Even those who know everything about everything don't know about BRIDGE. Shane the 2nd coming will be a serious bridge player.

Never gone to a club yet or played bridge with cards in his hands.

Shane posted a 35% and 39% and 45% in his 3 visible outings to date.

45% is pretty decent for a chap who has never gone to a bridge lesson or bridge club or played with cards in his hand.

To put things in perspective legendary Howth/Regent player Conor O'Hara managed 46% this week which was far below his normal near 60% average .... and I also spot a 1.5 year local novice from Malahide Regional Bridge Club posting regular 36% scores on Bridge Now.

Several local intermediates are posting around the 50% mark and my own Declan the Donplayer posts in the early 50s these days in between drinking gambling fishing and debauchery and minding his kids and aging parents. No time for bridge .. but every time I meet him ..

"Eamon I love this game ..its so intriguing and I am really grateful you distracted me long enough to teach me"
"Eamon we need to do the CUEBIDS and the BLACKWOOD next "
"Eamon I have those transfers sorted now and I have got the STAYMAN working "

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Double Take

This afternoon I was having a look at the results in the European Open Bridge championships.

I looked at Open Pairs and spotted our men Hanlon and Carroll in 209th place of about 240 entrants ..
I spotted some Irish Ladies pairs mostly down the rear end of the field ..apart from Rigney Kenny.
However it is early days yet.

However when I went for a look at the Seniors ..I got this

For some reason I guess the officials wanted to make sure these older folk could see their results so
they printed out each pairs results TWICE.. Now it did not make any difference apart from indicating both Irish pairs have some work to do...but to spell it out TWICE..

If I displayed results like this in Malahide or god forgive on CBAI .. I would be laughed out of the room. This is at European level ... but of course it is a glitch in the HTML or something.
The real results printed on site are no doubt perfectly normal.

Hmmmm just went to Open Pairs ...must be my computer ... as this could not be happening

Repeated  pairs names there too .. maybe its my Microsoft Edge ..
Better by a MacBook quick

Plane Crash or Carrot disease ..Board 19 of last 16

Yesterday while reviewing the Moran Team exit from the Euro Open Teams I noted the loss of 14 imps on Board 19 in the 2nd half of the match. Given MORAN last the match by about 5 or 6 imps this was a large cause of the loss. Now I understand that the 2 way 1 club opening is flawed as its too easy for punters to get in there and interfere over 1C with no danger to themselves. However the problem is if you interfere you might solve problems for the Carrot lads.

Anyway here is the hand ..

Now out in my medium bidding club in Malahide which has many limited bidders I think they will all manage to declare in a spade contract .. but some might only reach a game contract ..
However we will forgive them that as at least they found the right strain.

I want to know how does Irelands 2nd strongest pair manage to end up declaring in 6C on a 7-0
fit. Straight away we are depending on a 3-3 break in trumps .. as we are also off the HEART ACE.
This is madness or a flaw or something went wrong or maybe Hanlon McGann were not seated North South. Even if this is so another capable pair in Carroll and Garve would be there instead.

C:\>cd gib
C:\gib>bridge -ULAscNSIT 1000
GIB Version 6.1.3, 1/4/03
Enter S hand: q98752.kj87.j82
Enter S hand: q98752.kj87.j82.
Enter N hand: AK3.3.AT.AKQ7542
Enter dealer: s
Enter vul (none, N/S, E/W, both): E/W
dealt 250 hands at time 0.02
book bid [default] P, considering P 1C-7N
prognosticate at time 0.02
complete at time 30.81; size 35
analyzed 35 deals (35 current) at 45.52 sec
P: 10.27 (prog 26.43 par 34.37)
1S: 9.88 (prog 16.43 par 34.37)
3S: 9.81 (prog 13.71 par 16.94)
2S: 9.79 (prog 31.71 par 34.37)
1H: 8.50 (prog -90.86 par 34.37)
4S: 8.18 (prog -143.14 par -69.91)
2H: 8.10 (prog -140.43 par 34.37)
1D: 8.05 (prog -107.77 par 34.37)
3H: 7.11 (prog -214.14 par 16.94)
1C: 6.77 (prog -233.71 par 34.37)
I bid P (45.55 sec)
That bid shows: No suitable call -- 11- HCP; 12- points
Enter bid for W: p
That bid shows: No suitable call -- 11- HCP; 12- points
dealt 250 hands at time 0.03
book bid [rule 10508] 2C, considering P 1C-7N
prognosticate at time 0.03
complete at time 23.33; size 35
analyzed 89 deals (89 current) at 69.16 sec
2C: 9.40 (prog 413.60 par 686.58)
1C: 7.79 (prog 315.84 par 686.58)
2N: 7.50 (prog 306.18 par 644.00)
5C: 7.39 (prog 280.45 par 594.00)
4N: 7.17 (prog 268.76 par 643.89)
3C: 5.83 (prog 172.98 par 686.58)
1N: 5.70 (prog 183.26 par 683.89)
4C: 5.65 (prog 163.60 par 672.88)
2S: 5.10 (prog 130.56 par 686.58)
3N: 4.68 (prog 139.00 par 570.97)
I bid 2C (69.16 sec)
That bid shows: Strong two club -- 23+ points; forcing to 2N
Enter bid for E: p
That bid shows: No suitable call --
dealt 250 hands at time 1.06
book bid [rule 12726] 2D, considering P 2D-7N
prognosticate at time 1.06
complete at time 8.17; size 35
analyzed 40 deals (40 current) at 22.03 sec
2S: 8.11 (prog 499.00 par 717.48)
2D: 7.53 (prog 419.50 par 717.48)
3S: 6.77 (prog 428.63 par 717.48)
3N: 6.34 (prog 363.00 par 631.05)
4S: 5.62 (prog 316.88 par 705.48)
2H: 5.38 (prog 323.00 par 717.48)
4H: 4.75 (prog 247.63 par 705.48)
4N: 3.21 (prog 163.00 par 425.30)
5S: 2.91 (prog 143.75 par 577.23)
6S: 2.03 (prog 125.00 par 351.60)
I bid 2S (22.05 sec)
That bid shows: Positive -- 5+ S; 11- HCP; 6+ 8421 HCP in S; 8-12 points; forcing
Enter bid for W: ?
South: 5+ S; 11- HCP; 6+ 8421 HCP in S; 8-12 points; forcing
West: 11- HCP; 12- points
North: 23+ points; forcing
Enter bid for W: p
That bid shows: No suitable call -- 11- HCP; 12- points
dealt 0 hands at time 9.52
Trouble generating sample; generation failure set to 1
dealt 0 hands at time 15.08
Trouble generating sample; generation failure set to 2
dealt 0 hands at time 19.56
Trouble generating sample; generation failure set to 3
unable to generate useful sample; returning book bid 3C
I bid 3C (19.58 sec)
That bid shows: 5+ C; 23+ points
Enter bid for E: p
That bid shows: No suitable call -- 20- points
dealt 250 hands at time 2.91
book bid [rule 839] 3H, considering P 3D-7N
prognosticate at time 2.93
complete at time 6.79; size 35
analyzed 89 deals (89 current) at 27.62 sec
4S: 7.16 (prog 341.24 par 600.82)
3D: 7.04 (prog 347.08 par 631.16)
3H: 6.79 (prog 297.64 par 631.16)
3S: 5.92 (prog 280.51 par 631.16)
4H: 5.51 (prog 238.37 par 600.82)
3N: 5.35 (prog 240.73 par 582.65)
4N: 4.83 (prog 200.51 par 449.56)
5H: 4.29 (prog 184.66 par 476.10)
P: 4.02 (prog 115.39 par 110.34)
5S: 3.80 (prog 130.84 par 439.02)
I bid 4S (27.64 sec)
That bid shows: 11- HCP; strong rebiddable S; 6+ 8421 HCP in S; 8-12 points
Enter bid for W: p
That bid shows: No suitable call -- 11- HCP; 12- points
rule 1360 (73)
I bid 5S (-0.00 sec)
That bid shows: 5+ C; 2+ S; 23+ points
Enter bid for E: p
That bid shows: No suitable call -- 20- points
captained auction; returning bood bid
rule 229 (62)
I bid 6S (-0.00 sec)
That bid shows: 11- HCP; strong rebiddable S; 6+ 8421 HCP in S; 8-12 points
Enter bid for W: p
That bid shows: No suitable call -- 11- HCP; 12- points
rule 120 (91)
I bid P (-0.00 sec)
That bid shows: No suitable call -- 5+ C; 2+ S; 23+ points
Enter bid for E: p
That bid shows: No suitable call -- 20- points
Enter play for W: Enter play for W:

Even my crazy GIB robot from the late 1990s can bid 6S although it plays strong 2C opening..
but there it is in Black and White ...

I recall one time many years ago playing against Thomas Hanlon in the Regent and on making an off centre bid ...he commented ..

"Eamon you did not get that bid out of your computer .. "

Well the computer strikes back ...

So what went wrong ..and can we fix it for the future ...
or did Hanlon McGann just play BASHWOOD or PUNTWOOD and presume partner had a club card. It seems absurd ....

It cost Ireland a place in the quarter final ..

Here are two auctions to reach 6 spades 

trivial for Shillelagh

1C     1S

2D etc................ 

strong GF 3+ card support for major asks major length/strength WWS+   

Mom and Pop bidding 

2C              2D

3C              3S

4NT            5D   0

5H (askQ)  6H  Qs+Kh

6S   1430

I am beaten by this development .. maybe Hanlon McGann denies a void in the bidding 
or maybe North pulled out the wrong bidding card at the end ..
It just beats me .. and my GIB program too ..
Hold on to the horses ...It is slowly dawning on me that this session might have been live on 
BBO and I did not watch it .. 

Ooops I missed the live action .. Did not think to look on BBO to watch live ..

McGann wonders "Why so brutal "

Maybe it agrees spades with 4NT .. Hmmmm or maybe 6C was choice of slams..